Monday, December 13, 2010

Lucky 13!

I have almost forever thought 13 was lucky. Well since I was ten, and my sister Molly was born on a Friday the 13th in April! Today has been lucky so far. I took my peeps to the kiln and the guy charged me half the price it cost me last year to have my peeps fired. A lovely dinner last night with my favorite creative cohort Jenn at Kirala in Berkeley, to celebrate the completion of her book The Right Brain Business Plan, that I illustrated. It comes out in February... woo hoo! I also got a morning email from Molls with her breakfast, a skype call from Scrub, who I miss kissing so much! Then I got a *text kiss* from Molly + Forrest. And a call from another BF, April, too. Lucky me.

About breakfast. KK who I grew up with at my dad's house... and has been my lifelong friend, 25 years older than me or so, brought me oranges yesterday... I don't love oranges, but I LOVE fresh squeezed OJ!!! I drank it down in two gulps! And do you guys know about Skyr? It is Icelandic strained yogurt that is SO yummy. My godmother Elsa is Icelandic and so when I was 12 she took me to Iceland one summer for almost a month... I had many Icelandic 'cousins' that I was penpals with... remember the 80's and penpals?!! Anyway skyr is one of my godmother's favorite foods in the world... a couple years ago I was visiting Annie in NYC and I saw it for sale in the grocery store by her house! I literally bought all the skyr they had in their store and brought them on the plane in a cooler back to my Godmother in California! Now they sell it at all the Whole Foods. I eat it the way they do in Iceland which is to sprinkle sugar on it and pour cream on top. Yummy!

Molly's tortilla espanola that Forrest brought her in bed... lucky 13 girl!

My email kiss from M+F... :)


  1. Loved seeing you last night! I posted our pic

    Yay for your Icelandic yogurt!

  2. Thanks lovely one!

    + Ahhhh, your post is SO SWEET!!
    (but I'll put a comment over there too!