Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breakfast number four... and then there were three!

Leila and I made waffles this morning... and a huge mess. It definitely makes waffles taste much better when you make a huge mess in the kitchen we think. Leila's favorite thing when we sit down to eat these days is hearing stories of when I was a kid with Carlo P, my older brother... this morning I told her about Waffle Day at my dad's house which was every Sunday. (Did I ever post this really cool video that Etsy did about my dad's house? The commune, as we call it... ;) Etsy interviewed my stepmom about the evolution of the place. It's very sweet.
And you can watch it here!)

And then Scrub showed up + joined us... yay!

And now we go chop, chop down a Christmas tree in the rain... oh boy!


  1. Yay! Yummy waffles. Mmm, I'm thinking of the one you made me. I could go for one right now :).

    BTW, thanks for letting me know about Urban Ore. Wow, what a crazy place. It's like Creative Reuse on a massive overdose of steroids!

    Okay, and I love that you're actually going into the woods to chop down your xmas tree. Hope to see pics!!

  2. Hee, hee... thanks love bug!
    You are my true blogger friend. Have you ever had this problem where people can't comment on your blog? Like you have to be a member of something. Hmmm...

    So glad you found Urban Ore... I know.. wacky place right?!

    I'd love to have show picts of the tree hunt... there are some beautiful ones... but Leila's mom won't let me post pictures of her 'on the internet'... :)

    Love u!!!!!!