Saturday, December 11, 2010

breakfast eleven...

Breakfast was good. But I was late. I have been late a few times... and it does seem to make a difference. This morning I was just plain hungry by the time I ate. Whereas on 'sad breakfast' day I really understood something Erene was talking to me about when we first were talking about breakfast... I will write to her and ask her to be a guest blogger again and expound on this idea. But here is my two cents about what she was sayin'. So on Thursday when I had to drive Scrub to the airport and didn't eat until after I dropped him... I noticed that things were a little off, all day really. Erene had said that it is really important to have breakfast be individual for yourself, to start the day off in a grounded way that is about your own individual needs. Supposedly those hours of the day are more about individual needs whereas by dinner time, it is more communal time, great to share and pass around your plate and you have room to give + offer + share. I noticed that when my day got sort of high-jacked by last minute tasks, running late, lots of traffic and then came breakfast I was really knocked off my own rhythm. Doing for others before I take care of my own needs is something I struggle with a lot... I think it makes me a great person to work with and a good friend have and all sorts of other helpful characteristics, but I also end up shooting myself in the foot a lot. And this is not just about breakfast it is all over the place in my life. Though I have gotten better... I still need to keep this in the forefront of my mind and actually practice the idea of 'Place the oxygen mask over your nose and mouth first before helping the person next to you.' What a concept.

On other, more breathtaking topics... this is what greeted me when I walked up the hill today from my house... this is such a beautiful place. I truly love this land.

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