Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15... half way there!

Oh breakfast! It's getting so late, this is making me really hungry and excited for the morning to get here so I can eat breakfast! Just had dinner with Hannah banana at the cute flatbread place in downtown MV, and can't believe I could be hungry again... but that I guess was hours ago already.

So thanks to Kelly, my uber-blogger friend extraordinaire... if you have never checked out her blog Make, Grow, Gather... you should. She is so creative and a wonderful writer... she works for KQED, and you might have even hear her on the radio... anyway, she reminded me that soft-boiled eggs are about the greatest breakfast ever. It's true. So delicious. She said to boil them for 2.5 minutes... really?? I have always done, 4 minutes... I stuck to 4 because I was scared, but I just might try her recipe soon... because generally she knows what she's talking about!

Also, I got the best email from my new next door neighbor Patti... she read the breakfast blog after we got talking about it the other night at her house when she had us and some other neighbors over for a crab fest at her house. Anyway she wrote to me about her breakfast story, and it practically brought me to tears. Her mom always made her and her sisters a hot breakfast and sat with them at the table every morning while they ate. Now Patti continues the tradition with her two young boys... she says they talk about the day and what everyone is up to, and by the time everyone heads out the door in the morning they really feel like a team. How incredibly sweet + awesome is that?! (Hopefully Patti does not mind me sharing her story... I was really inspired by it.)

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