Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breakfast eight... ate, ate, ate...

Oh, this may not look delicious... but this was delicious! Little Adrienne, my dear sweet love, has been eating this everyday... slow-cooked oatmeal with berries... I added almond slivers + coconut, butter, brown sugar and a little bit of heavy whipping cream... because once again we are out of milk and half + half... but luckily in this house there is always some fatty milk product around.

I spoke to my aunt Kern on the phone today... which reminded me, last year we made granola for everyone as one of our handmade Xmas presents... Scrub and I put them in Mason jars and even made labels... :)

I wish I had pictures of them all packaged up... why don't I document more?!

Anyway my aunt had asked for the recipe... so when making Granola this year I dug it out... and here is a link to where I found it. The recipe is based off of the Cafe Fanny Granola from our friend Alice Waters... CLICK HERE AUNTIE FOR THE RECIPE!

And this is M + M's breakfast... and Mieze said she is going to come over for a sleepover and cook me breakfast... YAY!!!!!!

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