Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Had to leave you with this amazing picture of my little sister Grace when she was a wee one, and her BFF Annie who grew up with us at La Selva. My neice, Lucia saw this picture and said, "A little man and a little woman.'. Ha ha... so ridiculously cute. I say my sissy looks like a sumo wrestler.... and don't worry she turned out gorgeous (and not sumo at all)!

So about breakfast... well, my life has definitely changed. Is it the breakfast I'm not totally sure?! But breakfast has been a great resource for lack of a better word. Probably the best aspect was trying to make a point of doing something good for myself first thing in the day, before I got distracted by the many things I need to do in life... for my love, for Leila, for our fat cat Lee, for my business + my amazing clients. Breakfast took time to prepare and time to sit and eat, and it slowed me down, which at certain points was frustrating, but mostly was great. I do think it helped balance out my energy throughout the day. It definitely cut down my coffee intake, and generally got me eating more, which for me is probably a good thing. I can easily ignore needing to eat if I am distracted and interested in something else. Soooo.... that's my journey of life changing breakfast eating. Thanks for stopping by!!

And maybe the best part of all of this, is that it reminded me of how much I like blogging... (though not everyday... that's too much for me...) but I will absolutely make it a point to start a new blog in 2011... so I'll keep you posted!

xoxo, Kate