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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28... guilty pleasures...

I got a package in the mail from Jenn of Bittersweet chocolate drink mix and Nectarine jam... boy does that girl know what I like for breakfast! I miss meeting her at Bittersweet so much. When I lived in Oakland I would meet Jenn and Hannah for yoga twice a week and I'd go to Bittersweet almost everyday... that was so lovely. Ahhh, Oakland.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ummm... blueberries. Jeez, I'm so impressed with the iPhone's little camera... those blueberries look like a stock photo, don't they?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Woke up to my alarm today... so I could go get Scrub from the airport... only to find out that his flight had been delayed for a whole day due to some mechanical problem with the plane... boo hoo. I went back to bed and didn't emerge for several more hours. By the time I did wake up and get a chocolate croissant from Cibo's and a latte it was probably almost noon. But you know that is just how it goes. I have been working + working + working and I was SO tired. But chocolate croissants + lattes + skyr do make things a little bit better.

PS: Also it is Narcissus season! OMG, my favorite! And on the same day that I went and bought myself a dozen bulbs my step-mom brought me dozen bulbs... :)
But not to worry, the extras will find their way into some stockings and onto some neighbors doorsteps!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

B*Fast 18

Slow cooked oats again... and seriously nothing to write home about happened today... I did get a visit from my neighbor Patti and her ridiculously cute boys, Oliver + Owen, who were all dressed up in their fireman outfits.

But guess what?!
Scrub comes home in 10 hours!!!
(Yes, I'm counting... )

Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't bite on me... breakfast 17!

Umm, how ridiculously funny is this... even better that this photo is taken at Creativity Explored, the adult handicapped art facility in SF. My family and I always go there when they come up to visit... it is such an amazing place, on many levels... some of the art that comes out of there is absolutely incredible and the fact that programs like this exist is very inspiring.

And now for breakfast! My family spent the night, sleep-over party at my house, after Molly took part in an incredible reading at Coffee Bar last night as part of Fourteen Hills, SFSU Literary Magazine's latest issue party. Molly's work is featured in the latest issue... she's so super dope. Breakfast was dope too.

My breakfast... yummmmm.

Gracie's breakfast:

Nik's breakfast:

Moll's bfast:

Dad's breakfast: (and of course he couldn't help but take a really artsy avant garde photo, sort of blurry, with his fingers in it... :)

My peeps are so cute.

Grace is probably really going to be annoyed that I am posting this picture, but she will laugh, because she has the best sense of humor.

And go dad!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow... I completely forgot to post yesterday... probably because this was a totally uninspiring breakfast, that I was trying to shove down before a phone meeting... and before running off to pick up my peeps from the kiln. Poor peeps... these guys got stuck. It is always something when firing clay at incredibly high temperatures... but they look pretty darn cute anyway don't they?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15... half way there!

Oh breakfast! It's getting so late, this is making me really hungry and excited for the morning to get here so I can eat breakfast! Just had dinner with Hannah banana at the cute flatbread place in downtown MV, and can't believe I could be hungry again... but that I guess was hours ago already.

So thanks to Kelly, my uber-blogger friend extraordinaire... if you have never checked out her blog Make, Grow, Gather... you should. She is so creative and a wonderful writer... she works for KQED, and you might have even hear her on the radio... anyway, she reminded me that soft-boiled eggs are about the greatest breakfast ever. It's true. So delicious. She said to boil them for 2.5 minutes... really?? I have always done, 4 minutes... I stuck to 4 because I was scared, but I just might try her recipe soon... because generally she knows what she's talking about!

Also, I got the best email from my new next door neighbor Patti... she read the breakfast blog after we got talking about it the other night at her house when she had us and some other neighbors over for a crab fest at her house. Anyway she wrote to me about her breakfast story, and it practically brought me to tears. Her mom always made her and her sisters a hot breakfast and sat with them at the table every morning while they ate. Now Patti continues the tradition with her two young boys... she says they talk about the day and what everyone is up to, and by the time everyone heads out the door in the morning they really feel like a team. How incredibly sweet + awesome is that?! (Hopefully Patti does not mind me sharing her story... I was really inspired by it.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Went to Cibo in Sausalito this morning. Mostly because all I have been doing is working... and I need some interaction with the outside world. (And they are the nearest Blue Bottle coffee sellers to me in my new hood, shhhhh.... but you'll be glad to know I didn't even take a sip of my mocha until I had eaten my toast!)

Molly comes home tomorrow... whoop!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lucky 13!

I have almost forever thought 13 was lucky. Well since I was ten, and my sister Molly was born on a Friday the 13th in April! Today has been lucky so far. I took my peeps to the kiln and the guy charged me half the price it cost me last year to have my peeps fired. A lovely dinner last night with my favorite creative cohort Jenn at Kirala in Berkeley, to celebrate the completion of her book The Right Brain Business Plan, that I illustrated. It comes out in February... woo hoo! I also got a morning email from Molls with her breakfast, a skype call from Scrub, who I miss kissing so much! Then I got a *text kiss* from Molly + Forrest. And a call from another BF, April, too. Lucky me.

About breakfast. KK who I grew up with at my dad's house... and has been my lifelong friend, 25 years older than me or so, brought me oranges yesterday... I don't love oranges, but I LOVE fresh squeezed OJ!!! I drank it down in two gulps! And do you guys know about Skyr? It is Icelandic strained yogurt that is SO yummy. My godmother Elsa is Icelandic and so when I was 12 she took me to Iceland one summer for almost a month... I had many Icelandic 'cousins' that I was penpals with... remember the 80's and penpals?!! Anyway skyr is one of my godmother's favorite foods in the world... a couple years ago I was visiting Annie in NYC and I saw it for sale in the grocery store by her house! I literally bought all the skyr they had in their store and brought them on the plane in a cooler back to my Godmother in California! Now they sell it at all the Whole Foods. I eat it the way they do in Iceland which is to sprinkle sugar on it and pour cream on top. Yummy!

Molly's tortilla espanola that Forrest brought her in bed... lucky 13 girl!

My email kiss from M+F... :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bfast 12... 12/12!

Steel cut oats... which take SO long to cook, jeez.
But delicious.

And look who comes cruising by my window where I sit
working everyday these days. I just love these peaceful animals.
They remind me of the forest creatures in Princess Mononoke...
those little guys that tick and their heads turn around... and they are only
out and about when the forest is safe and healthy. I love that movie. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

breakfast eleven...

Breakfast was good. But I was late. I have been late a few times... and it does seem to make a difference. This morning I was just plain hungry by the time I ate. Whereas on 'sad breakfast' day I really understood something Erene was talking to me about when we first were talking about breakfast... I will write to her and ask her to be a guest blogger again and expound on this idea. But here is my two cents about what she was sayin'. So on Thursday when I had to drive Scrub to the airport and didn't eat until after I dropped him... I noticed that things were a little off, all day really. Erene had said that it is really important to have breakfast be individual for yourself, to start the day off in a grounded way that is about your own individual needs. Supposedly those hours of the day are more about individual needs whereas by dinner time, it is more communal time, great to share and pass around your plate and you have room to give + offer + share. I noticed that when my day got sort of high-jacked by last minute tasks, running late, lots of traffic and then came breakfast I was really knocked off my own rhythm. Doing for others before I take care of my own needs is something I struggle with a lot... I think it makes me a great person to work with and a good friend have and all sorts of other helpful characteristics, but I also end up shooting myself in the foot a lot. And this is not just about breakfast it is all over the place in my life. Though I have gotten better... I still need to keep this in the forefront of my mind and actually practice the idea of 'Place the oxygen mask over your nose and mouth first before helping the person next to you.' What a concept.

On other, more breathtaking topics... this is what greeted me when I walked up the hill today from my house... this is such a beautiful place. I truly love this land.