Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't bite on me... breakfast 17!

Umm, how ridiculously funny is this... even better that this photo is taken at Creativity Explored, the adult handicapped art facility in SF. My family and I always go there when they come up to visit... it is such an amazing place, on many levels... some of the art that comes out of there is absolutely incredible and the fact that programs like this exist is very inspiring.

And now for breakfast! My family spent the night, sleep-over party at my house, after Molly took part in an incredible reading at Coffee Bar last night as part of Fourteen Hills, SFSU Literary Magazine's latest issue party. Molly's work is featured in the latest issue... she's so super dope. Breakfast was dope too.

My breakfast... yummmmm.

Gracie's breakfast:

Nik's breakfast:

Moll's bfast:

Dad's breakfast: (and of course he couldn't help but take a really artsy avant garde photo, sort of blurry, with his fingers in it... :)

My peeps are so cute.

Grace is probably really going to be annoyed that I am posting this picture, but she will laugh, because she has the best sense of humor.

And go dad!


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