Sunday, December 5, 2010


Okay... so it is going to get really boring watching me eat granola and strawberries for 30 days. So at least be thankful that this only a 30 day challenge. And that I am trying for some wacky aerial shots.

Our new house is fantastic! I posted some picts on Kiss the Paper if you want to check it out. Even better come over + have cozy breakfast on the couch with me!

And here is the tree... it was funny because Leila, Scrub + I drove about an hour, out of our forest, to a Christmas Tree farm in Petaluma so we could chop down our tree... and when we got there they only had pines that you could actually chop yourself. That just doesn't cut it. Only the fir family for my Xmas tree... so we ended up just picking one from the 'already chopped' section. But we had a fantastic time. Leila picked the tree and was able to haul the 8 foot tree all by herself on the cart across the farm. It was hilarious!

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  1. mr. tree is so cute. glad he is fully dressed now ;)