Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakfast number two...

Good morning!

Well afternoon by now... I am not sure I am going to be able to post every morning... so my breakfast might not show up until the end of the day... but don't you worry... I ate it. At 8:30am!

We desperately need to go grocery shopping in our house... breakfast is the same as it was yesterday... the only difference is the photograph is not taken with Hipstamatic... so it actually looks appetizing! Oh and I think everyday, I'll add in a design note too... because that's fun and I love that stuff. This gorgeous bowl is from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito... most of you probably know about them... but some of you may not... they are awesome!

But more importantly... notes on breakfast so far.
1. My appetite is much bigger now... all day long.
2. I feel more energy throughout the day, in a stable more grounded way. No bonking in the afternoon like I am use to.
3. Coffee barely gets drank... kind of sad about this one, because I really love how much I have always truly enjoyed my coffee. And I think I kind of miss the crazy coffee high + productivity for a couple hours that I am used too... but so far, all day energy feels way more productive + stable.

We'll see, maybe this is all in my head?
Maybe it is the joy of life in my new house?
Maybe it is winter... I always need to eat more when it's cold?
Or maybe this is just the wonders of BREAKFAST?!

PS. Today Mieze sent me her breakfast... looks yummy. Mieze + my mom have joined the challenge too! Yay!

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