Friday, December 3, 2010

Breakfast number 3... breakfast for two!

Ha, ha... my phone was out of juice when I went to get it to take a picture of breakfast... which is why breakfast was already mostly plowed through by the time the battery was charged... ahhh, breakfast blog... it's always something.

Poached eggs + 1/2 a piece of bacon + toast this morning. Only 1 piece of bacon in the fridge, and I was generous enough to share it with Scrub.

Pretty tired this morning after many disruptions in the night with miss Leila Lou... she has been waking up a lot lately... poor little lou. And poor me too. Ha ha.

As for this AMAZING looking breakfast, this is Mieze + Mike's breakfast, yumm. Mieze is an amazing cook. I wish she would come over and make me breakfast sometime... especially those muffins. Hint, hint. xx!

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