Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakfast number one...

Strawberries + granola + brown cow cream top vanilla yogurt + a little bit of cream because we ran out of milk... (and Hipstamatic, the app on my phone that I am using to take these photos is really making my breakfast look weird, but it tasted really good!)

And of course my amazing sister, Molly jumped right in and is taking the breakfast challenge with me... so I woke up this morning to this picture in my inbox of Molly's breakfast... when she sends them, I'll post hers too. Sort of like that amazing blog that became a book, A Year of Mornings, where these two women in Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon photographed something every morning and posted their photos next to each other on a blog (without seeing what the other shot)... there were some amazing pairings... generally a beautiful project.

About breakfast so far... this is actually my fourth day of breakfasts, but I needed a minute to start this blog and thought that December 1, would be a great time to officially start. I will say that there is a dramatic difference in the amount of my morning coffee that I drink... here is what was left of my morning coffee yesterday... before I poured it down the sink. Oh, right I am not sure if I mentioned this, but part of my challenge is to not drink my coffee until after I have eaten breakfast!

And yes, go England! My boyfriend, Matt is a Brit... he is taking the breakfast challenge too!

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