Sunday, December 19, 2010


Woke up to my alarm today... so I could go get Scrub from the airport... only to find out that his flight had been delayed for a whole day due to some mechanical problem with the plane... boo hoo. I went back to bed and didn't emerge for several more hours. By the time I did wake up and get a chocolate croissant from Cibo's and a latte it was probably almost noon. But you know that is just how it goes. I have been working + working + working and I was SO tired. But chocolate croissants + lattes + skyr do make things a little bit better.

PS: Also it is Narcissus season! OMG, my favorite! And on the same day that I went and bought myself a dozen bulbs my step-mom brought me dozen bulbs... :)
But not to worry, the extras will find their way into some stockings and onto some neighbors doorsteps!

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