Monday, November 29, 2010

What the hell is this???

While feeling around two vertebrae that were jutting out of my lower spine, my wise friend Erene said, 'You need to eat breakfast.'

'Okay...' I said. But I am thinking, I hate breakfast and have never had an appetite in the morning, EVER. Ask my mom, who would try to coax me into oatmeal, Familia, toast, poached eggs on toast and slowly over the years I was so stubborn about breakfast that my mom would bring me a smoothie in bed and beg me to just drink a couple sips. Even worse, now as an adult I really think I don't need breakfast because after sucking down my blue bottle coffee every morning... I feel totally fueled up! Erene shakes her head at me.

'If you eat breakfast for 30 days it will change your life' says Erene.
Now she has my attention. And then she goes on to tell me how + why, from her very large array of knowledge in health + Chinese medicine.

'Okay, I'll do it.'

Breakfast everyday at approximately the same time (8:30am) for 30 days.

This blog is meant to keep me in check, help me log my progress (+ potential life changing epiphanies), allow for you to cheer me on, or even inspire you to join me!!

Let's eat!

And because I am a really good sport... and take direction well... :)
I decided to make myself some home made granola to get things started off right.


  1. As a fellow holder outer, until about a month ago, I can totally relate! Irene has the hot tip-eat breakie! My latest adventure has been oatmeal with organic berries (every day!!) with maple syrup on top. Kicks ass! Suuuuuppper healthy! Awesome fuel and saves you from eating s**t later in the day when you are suddenly famished! YOU GO GIRL!!! See you Thurs xx

  2. Hi cutie! Look at you little blogger... commenting on my blog... AND EATING BREAKFAST?! OMG! Oh, I am definitely going to try your super yummy oatmeal + berries. World, watch out... because we be eating breakfast now!! xxx!

  3. Looove that you started a new blog. And that you'll be eating breakfast! I think waffles are in order. Yum.

    Also love the header font ;) and the Hipstamatic photos and your writing!

    Here's to nourishing yourself and to changing your life!! xoxox

  4. I love you. And that you recognize fonts, and give me a wink, and recognize Hipstamatic picts and care about me nourishing myself.

    I feel really loved up!

    And yes, let's eat waffles! And start new blogs!